Chef Carla Hall Talks Top Chef, the Shift from Caterer to Food Media, and How to Make Amazing Biscuits

podcast with chef carla hall

About Carla Hall

Chef Carla Hall was a contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars. Carla spent 7 years co-hosting ABC’s Emmy award-winning, popular lifestyle series “The Chew”. She’s been on multiple Food Network programs, was a judge on Netflix’s Crazy Delicious, and is a culinary contributor to “Good Morning America”. She’s the author of four cookbooks, in addition to a number of cookbooks put out by The Chew.

On This Week’s Podcast

On this week’s podcast, we discuss her Top Chef experience, and why she wanted to return for Top Chef All-Stars. We talk about the transition from catering to food media, licensing her recipes, and chef-in-residence programs. This is also a mini-Masterclass in biscuit-making. She talks about what makes a good (and bad) biscuit, and gives lots of actionable tips.

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Vietnamese-American Chef Tu David Phu Talks About His Upbringing, His E-Commerce Food Store, and What Community Means to Him

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On the podcast this week, I have chef Tu David Phu. Tu is a first generation Vietnamese-American, born and raised in Oakland, California. You might know him from season 15 of the Bravo Tv show Top Chef. He’s also a San Francisco Chronicle Rising Star Chef. 

Tu uses the medium of food as a vessel for meaningful work like cooking with incarcerated men in San Quentin, and being a community ambassador in Oakland, working with Asian Health Services and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

We discuss his upbringing, and what life was like for his family, coming to the United States after enduring two wars. Tu dealt with food insecurity, struggled with identity, and experienced some confusion around the foods that he ate growing up. We talk about Vietnamese restaurants, how he got into cooking professionally, and touch on his experience on Top Chef.

You can find cooking tutorials on his website, and he’s also started an E-commerce shop called Tumami Spices where you can order kimchi, pho kits, Asian snacks, spice blends and more.


Tu David Phu

Tu’s Instagram 
Tumami Spice’s Instagram 

Tu’s Twitter  

Tu’s Website 

The Tumami Spices Website 

Tu’s YouTube Page 




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