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uspca united states personal chef association

United States Personal Chef Association

Over the past 30 years, the world of the personal chef has grown in importance to fulfill those dining needs. While the pandemic certainly upended the restaurant experience, it allowed personal chefs to close that dining gap.  Central to all of that is the United States Personal Chef Association.

Representing nearly 1,000 chefs around the US and Canada.  USPCA provides a strategic backbone for those chefs that includes liability insurance, training, communications, certification, and more. It’s a reassurance to consumers that the chef coming into their home is prepared to offer them an experience with their meal. USPCA provides training to become a Personal Chef through our Preparatory Membership.  Looking to showcase your products or services to our chefs and their clients, partnership opportunities are available.

Call Angela today at 800-995-2138 ext 705 or email her at aprather@uspca.com for membership and partner info.

Use First: a free-to-post restaurant job board

Hey Chef,

Did that new garde-mangerian just rage quit at 4:45 on Friday night right before service? Usefirst.com can have you hiring again with a flip of a switch, right from your phone. That’s right… you don’t even have to leave the pass and you’re already actively recruiting again before the first turn heats up. Focus on the food and leave finding qualified candidates to us.

Built by an actual chef, the app was designed with our industry’s unique needs in mind. It is, and will always be, free to use making it unique within the space. You can direct candidates to apply to your restaurant group’s existing jobs portal, or have them simply email you or someone on your team to set up a trail. We even offer a free-to-use, plug-and-play widget to display your current job openings on your restaurant’s website.

Stop paying to post jobs. Stop working with non-industry-specific recruiting outlets that are more interested in harvesting your data than helping you find cooks, porters, and runners. Make us your use-first option for hiring.


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masienda masa and corn products

Masienda proudly partners with hundreds of traditional farmers to grow and source not only heirloom corn, but also single origin ingredients like chiles and spices, beans and coffee. They work with craftspeople to design and produce indispensable tools like molcajetes, Molinitos, comales and tortilla presses, as well as beautiful and lasting home goods like baskets, glassware and ceramics. They work with restaurants and tortillerias who are part of the Third Wave Masa movement. Masienda is on a mission to connect more people to the culinary and cultural richness of the Mexican kitchen. You can also hear Masienda founder Jorge Gaviria on the Chefs Without Restaurants podcast.

Tiny Fish Co

tiny fish co from top chef contestant sara hauman

Tiny Fish Co. is a woman-owned business with a goal to inspire the canned fish industry by sharing products that are sustainable, flavorful and tell the fish’s story from water to tin. Top Chef contestant Chef Sara Hauman (a Chefs Without Restaurants podcast guest) is focusing on the tiny fish from the Pacific Northwest and encouraging consumers to create environmentally conscious eating habits.

Vosteed Knives

vosteed knives

Are you looking for top quality kitchen knives? Well, look no further than Vosteed. With over two decades of experience, Vosteed knives are durable, well-balanced and comfortable to use. You’ll find that these knives have a razor sharp edge, robust and strong full-tang construction, and perfectly engineered ergonomics. These high carbon steel blades will definitely get the job done in the kitchen.  


truff truffle infused hot sauce

TRUFF is the truffle-infused condiment company that chefs love. Choose from a wide variety of condiments including truffle oil, hot (and hotter) sauce, pasta sauce and mayo.


TILIT was started with the goal of offering expertly built, beautifully designed and hyper-functional workwear to the hospitality world. As a working chef for almost 18 years Co-Founder Alex McCrery felt his uniform did not represent the pride and value that his career profession deserved. Not only was he underwhelmed with the market offerings for chef wear, but his coworkers and colleagues also longed for great workwear. Through rigorous testing, creative collaborations and a lot of sweat TILIT was born in the Fall of 2012. The rest is history.


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