Learn About Eating Insects with Joseph Yoon of Brooklyn Bugs

joseph yoon of brooklyn bugs discusses eating insects
learn about eating insects with joseph yoon of brooklyn bugs

About Joseph Yoon

Do you want to learn about eating insects? On this week’s Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast we have Joseph Yoon. He’s the executive director of Brooklyn Bugs, as well as the chef/owner of Yummy Eats and Dinner Echo. Joseph views his participation in this global food movement as an extension of his commitment to his community, and volunteers his time and resources with both Brooklyn Bugs and Yummy Eats.

learn about eating insects with joseph yoon of brooklyn bugs

About Brooklyn Bugs

Brooklyn Bugs is an advocate for edible insects, and their mission is to raise appreciation and awareness for them through delicious, educational, and creative programming.  Their work has been featured on the Smithsonian Channel, New York Times, NPR, Food and Wine, and Gizmodo, as they strive to introduce edible insects as a sustainable source of protein that can be found in your pantry, eaten as a snack, and beautifully plated by chefs. 

fermented edible scorpions by brooklyn bugs

On This Week’s Podcast

Joseph first got into edible insects as a collaboration with artist Miru Kim. She’s someone he had really wanted to work with, and she was looking to serve insects for people to eat as part of her Phobia/Phagia project.

Besides being a sustainable protein source, in the right hands, insects are also delicious. We discuss a few of the ways that Joseph likes to use them, and we talk about the parallels between eating insects and offal. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about edible insects, this is the podcast episode for you.

edible locusts by brooklyn bugs

Relevant Links and Where to Learn About Eating Insects

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Joseph Yoon


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Miru Kim

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edible locusts by brooklyn bugs
learn about eating insects with joseph yoon of brooklyn bugs