The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast – Episode 75 Ryan Dumapit – When Passion Doesn’t Pay The Bills

Pastry chef ryan dumapit on the chefs without restaurants podcast

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Welcome to the Chefs Without Restaurants podcast. I’m your host Chris Spear. On the show, I have conversations with culinary entrepreneurs, and people in the food and beverage industry who took a different route. They’re caterers, research chefs, personal chefs cookbook authors, food truckers, farmers, cottage bakers and all sorts of culinary renegades. I myself fall into the personal chef category, as I started my personal chef business Perfect Little Bites 10 years ago. And while I started working in kitchens in 1992, surprisingly, I’ve literally never worked in a restaurant.

On this weeks show I have Ryan Dumapit. He has a degree in pastry arts, and food service management. But Ryan doesn’t have a singular path in the food industry. In fact, he also went to school for IT, and has worked for a point of sale company, as well as a fitness company. We talk about many of the positions he’s held including being a district manager for a contract food service company, and working logistics for a large grocery chain. He also partnered with a mutual friend of ours on a catering project called called Fil Amazing Foods, and has his own desserts company called CaSey B’s. Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, both of these ventures have been put on hold for a while. 

Ryan is a first generation Filipino American, so we talk about Filipino food, and his experience growing up. He also talks about about job choices, and the struggle of doing something you love for career, vs having a job that can pay the bills.

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