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About Dave Arnold

On this episode, we’re joined by chef Dave Arnold. He’s the host of the Cooking Issues podcast, author of the cocktail book Liquid Intelligence, and creator of the Searzall and Spinzall. Dave is also the founder of the  Museum of Food and Drink, and the man behind the NYC bars Booker & Dax and Existing Conditions, sadly , both of which are no longer in operation. 

On This Week’s Podcast

As I kind of expected going into this show, I  let Dave lead the way. I leaned into all those weird and intriguing food science topics. Like my episode with Daniel Gritzer, our discussion went long, so I broke it up into two episodes.

Part 1 of The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast

We discuss MSG, hacking your home kitchen equipment, pressure cookers, and grain mills. We talk about whole wheat flour and its shelf life and degradation. And find out which popular candy just might be benefiting from a hint of rancidity. 

Part 2 of The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast

We discuss storing fresh tomatoes, using canned tomatoes, and pizza sauce. We talk about his upcoming book, working with Gellan, hot poker cocktails, and fermenting with koji. We also talk about potato doughnuts and Moravian Sugar Cake (and so much more).

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The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast – Episode 64 Chef Kimberly Schaub Discusses Being a Research and Development Chef, and Kitchen Culture

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On the podcast this week I have chef Kimberly Schaub. She’s spent much of her culinary career in the research and development field, working for companies like Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Bulletproof 360. She also spent some time with the Modernist Cuisine team, and contributed to their book Modernist Cuisine at Home. Currently, she’s doing business development for Griffith Foods. She also has a website, and podcast, called Peas on Moss.

We discuss:

·                  Getting into the culinary R&D field

·                  Knowing when it’s time to move on

·                  Growing your staff

·                  The “yes chef” mentality

·                  and much more


Kimberly Schaub


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