Ghanaian Cooking and Decolonizing the Food Industry with Chef Zoe Adjonyoh

chef zoe adjonyoh

About Zoe Adjonyoh

On this episode, we’re joined by Zoe Adjonyoh. She’s a chef, writer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, a West African food brand that she started in 2010. Zoe’s been pioneering modern West African food in the forms of supper clubs in London, Berlin & New York. She had her own restaurant in Brixton, and has done numerous pop-ups  and events. In 2017 she released her cookbook, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, which was just republished and re-released in October. If you go to her website, you can get more info on the book, find recipes, purchase items from her spice line, and learn about her online classes.

Akara – Black Eyed Bean Fritters

On This Week’s Podcast

On the show, we talk about how her background, having an Irish mother, and a father from Ghana, influenced her cooking. Our conversation revolves primarily around decolonizing the food industry, and who should be profiting from African foodways. We talk about gatekeeping, and the importance of sharing opportunities, and the stage, with others, even when it means passing on an incredible opportunity for ourselves. We discuss her podcast Cooking Up Consciousness, and the upcoming anthology she’s editing, Serving Up: Essays on food, identity, and culture. And I asked her if she identified as a cook or a chef, and what it means to be a chef these days.

Spinach Agushi Curry and Grilled Plantain

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