Learn About Vinegar and Miso with Sarah and Isaiah of Keepwell Vinegar

Talking About Vinegar and Miso with Sarah Conezio and Isaiah Billington of Keepwell Vinegar & White Rose Miso

About Sarah Conezio and Isaiah Billington of Keepwell Vinegar and White Rose Miso

Sarah Conezio & Isaiah Billington are the founders of Keepwell Vinegar & White Rose Miso. Their companies use fermentation to support the entire picture of local agriculture: fruits, vegetables, grains, seasonal summer gluts and lean winter storage crops. Because they’re former pastry chefs, they wanted pantry items that were as local and sustainable as the fresh ingredients they work with every day. Today, Keepwell Vinegar and White Rose Miso produce dozens of acid and koji-driven fermentations for chefs & bartenders alike. So, if you’d like to learn more about vinegar and miso, I think you’ll love this podcast episode.

On This Week’s Podcast

We talk about their culinary background, which includes working at Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen, and how they started making vinegar and fermented products. We discuss some innovative ways to use their items, and how to best store them. So, can miso expire? We discuss that. They also share who some chefs using their products are, and we get into the true cost of food. You’ll also learn about vinegar pie and sorghum molasses.

persimmon vinegar from keepwell vinegar

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Chefs and restaurants mentioned in this episode: Cadence Restaurant, Ari Miller, Johnny Spero, Reverie Restaurant, Woodberry Kitchen, Spike Gjerde, Randy Rucker, River Twice Restaurant, Ardent Restaurant, Justin Carlisle, Ariel Welch, and Michael Harlan Turkell





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