The Uncertainty Mindset with Author and Professor Vaughn Tan

vaughn tan of the uncertainty mindset
The Uncertainty Mindset with Vaughn Tan

About Vaughn Tan

This week on the Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast, we have Vaughn Tan. Vaughn is a strategy consultant, professor at University College London, and author of The Uncertainty Mindset: Innovation Insights from the Frontiers of Food. He specializes in designing organizations that are innovative and adaptable, and which thrive in uncertainty. He’s spent over a decade working with the food and beverage industry and is on the board of Rethink Food in New York.

On This Week’s Podcast

We discuss some of the similarities he found while working with these culinary R&D teams, and we reflect a bit on the past year, which has provided quite a bit of uncertainty. We also talk about goal-setting, challenging yourself, and his new project called IDK. Because this is a food-related podcast, we also get into pizza-making, and eating meat, meat substitutes and vegetables.

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