The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast – Episode 46 Jason Logsdon and Mike LaCharite from The International Sous Vide Association

The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast - Episode 46 Jason Logsdon and Mile LaCharite from The International Sous Vide Association

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On this episode, we have we have Jason Logsdon and Mike LaCharite from The International Sous Vide Association. We discuss sous vide basics, how their organization was started, and their upcoming sous vide conference. There are a lot of links in the show notes to where to find their organization online, as well as information on the conference and many of the presenters such as Rich Rosendale and James Briscione. 

Some people & businesses mentioned in this episode:

David PietranczykRich RosendaleJames BriscioneAJ SchallerMeathead GoldwynPhilip PrestonAly RomeroJustice StewartLennis PerezLisa KeysCreaCuisine SolutionsPolyscience


Jason Logsdon, Mike LaCharite and The ISVA


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The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast

I’m so happy to announce that we’re launching a podcast. I just uploaded the first episode, giving a bit of back story. The first few episodes will be reposts of previous podcasts about how Chefs Without Restaurants grew out of Perfect Little Bites.

Going forward, the show will be co-hosted by Chris Spear and Andrew Wilkinson. We’ll be interviewing food entrepreneurs and people in the food & beverage world. Want to be a guest? Let us know. The show has submitted to all the platforms, and we’re just waiting for approval. You can listen to the first episode below, and we’ll let you know when it’s on all the major platforms. Let us know what you think .

The Origin Story via VOA News

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