A Conversation with Daniel Gritzer, Culinary Director of Serious Eats – Part 2

daniel gritzer, culinary director of serious eats

About Daniel Gritzer and This Week’s Podcast

On this week’s podcast, I have part one of my conversation with Daniel Gritzer, Culinary Director of Serious Eats.  I’ve big a big fan of Serious Eats and The Food Lab for a while, and love the work that Daniel, Kenji, Stella Parks, and crew have been doing there. This episode went long. Daniel and I spoke for 3 hours on a Sunday night, and I have about 2 hours of finished audio. I was trying to decide how much to leave in. Because this episode is for the cooking nerds, I wanted to leave almost everything in, so this is part two of two. Part one aired last week, and it’s linked here

On this episode we discuss, scaling recipes, cooking on a boat, the original pepper used in Romesco sauce, atole, and being thoughtful when developing recipes. We also tackle the controversial topic of Maryland crab cakes and Old Bay. Where do you stand on the topic?

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