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jerrod cline of bub-b-que food truck in frederick maryland

About Jerrod Cline and Bub-B-Que

On this week’s podcast, we’re joined by Jerrod Cline of Bub-B-Que, a food truck based in Frederick, Maryland. Jerrod was the 2nd guest we had on the podcast way back in Dec 2019. The food world, and the world in general, has changed so much in two years. I wanted to get Jerrod back on the show and hear how things have changed for him.

Smoked Brisket

On This Week’s Podcast

From rising food costs to pivoting, we talk about running a food truck in the year 2022. Jerrod talks about how he’s changed his menu, and what he thinks about competition. He discusses some tricks to keeping his food cost in check, and how he keeps the money coming in during the cold winters.

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Jerrod Cline and Bub-B-Que

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