The Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast – Episode 82 Pastry Chef and Author Lisa Donovan Talks About Writing Her Memoir, the Restaurant Industry and Chess Pie

Pastry Chef and Author Lisa Donovan Talks About Writing Her Memoir, the Restaurant Industry and Chess Pie

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On this week’s show, I speak with Lisa Donovan. She’s a pastry chef and James Beard award winning writer. She’s helmed the pastry kitchens of some of the most important restaurants in the country, including Husk in Nashville, and has kept her whole life afloat by making, writing on and thinking about food – including consulting, recipe development, selling pies out of the trunk of her car and creating the now retired Buttermilk Road Sunday Suppers 

While Lisa is a pastry chef, this isn’t really a discussion about kitchens, though we do touch on that. She writes full time now, and her first book, Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger was released in August, 2020. Most of our discussion revolves around the process of, and decision to write her memoir, and everything that came along with it. We discuss the current state of the restaurant industry, getting comfortable with your audience even when it’s not who you expected it to be, and I get to talk to her about chess pie. 


Lisa Donovan

Lisa’s Instagram
 Lisa’s book Our Lady Of Perpetual Hunger 
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Lisa’s recipe for Buttermilk Chess Pie





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